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Rod repair and restoration
Color illustrated fly tying instructions for over 35 fly patterns
Individual and group custom rod building instruction
Individual and group basic fly fishing instruction
Individual and group basic and intermediate fly tying instruction
Individual and group basic Spin fishing instruction

Fly Lines
Let B & F fill your fly reel with the appropriate weight and line to match your fishing needs and pocketbook. We carry Scientific Angler, Cortland and Climax lines and leaders in floating (weight forward and double taper), uniform sink, and sink tip to meet your freshwater and saltwater requirements. Running lines, specialty lines, leaders and backing are available. E-mail (Don ) or call (301-371-5617) for our current prices.

Spinning Rod Colors

G.Loomis IM6 - Deep cinnamon.
G.Loomis IMX - Non-glare gray.
Lamiglas IMX - Dark Gray.
Cabela's Fish Eagle (tm) I Graphite - Gray - 33 million P.S.I. modules.
Cabela's Fish Eagle (tm) II IM6 - Green - 38 million P.S.I. modules.
Cabela's Fish Eagle (tm) III C44X - Brown - 44 million P.S.I. modules.
Cabela's HML Graphite - Flat Gray - 44 million P.S.I. modules.
Custom Series IM6 - Charcoal Gray
Talon IM6 - Burgundy

Comments from our Customers

Hi Don,
Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, was fishing on Lake Erie for Walleye. My new steelhead fly rod you made for me from a noodle rod blank is perfection. It is an excellent rod for casting heavy weighted split shot for bottom bouncing and large floating indicators on Lake Erie tributaries. The rod maintains steady pressure while fighting a big fish on a light tippet, but also has the ability to reduce total fighting time, thus avoiding overplaying the fish.

The over sized guides you provided on the rod are excellent to avoid winter freeze up. I also appreciated the technical communication we shared while building the rod. The cosmetics of the rod-- guide wraps, cork handle, reel seat, and rod finish are top notch.

Thanks, the rod is great, I would recommend it to anyone.

Jim Mossor (W. V.)

The rod is excellent. It looks great and it throws great, and I am pleased to own it. Thank you.
Doug (Texas)

Just got the rod and it looks great! It`s a little lighter than I expected but your work is beautiful. I`m very pleased! The next project I may have for you is a 8` spinning rod for salmon. N ICE WORK,
Paul (Pennsylvania)

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301-371-5617 (fly rods)
301-371-4205 (all other rods)


For Fly Rods rods Please e-mail: don@bfcustomfishingrods.com

For all other rods Please e-mail: john@bfcustomfishingrods.com


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